Flat Crimped Wire Knitted SS Mesh (Mainly 304, 316L)

Knit Wire Netting can be supplied in various stainless steel grades of flat crimped wire: 316SS, SS304, 302, AISI309 or 321. We mainly supply 316 Flat Wire Knitted Mesh, 304 or 302 Knit Mesh Rolls of Crimped Wire, SS309 Wire Mesh of Continuous Knitted Type. We also supply steel alloy wire mesh fabrics such as Teflon Knitted Mesh, Monel and Inconel Knitted Wire to meet specific filter requirements. We can compress our products into various forms. For example: cylindrical, round disc, ring, oval, rectangle, bottle-shaped, as well as various other special shapes.

The ss wire screen is primary filter material for fabricating of gaskets, demisters, eliminators, breathers, mufflers and other kinds of liquid gas separator filters. Various forms of supply include cylinder, round disc, ring, oval, rectangular and circular pad, and special shapes. 304 stainless steel knitted wire mesh of SWG Gauge 36 is popular for USA Market.

SS 304 Knitted Wire Mesh Rolls: Material for making demister pad and seperators.

Material: 304 stainless steel
Wire Diameter: 0.274 mm
Width: 550 mm 570 mm wide
Width: 450 mm wide +/- 10 mm
Width: 350 mm wide +/- 10 mm
Width: 300 mm wide +/- 10 mm

Wire Diameter: 0.20 mm
Hole mesh 6/inch or 50-60 hole mesh per feet
Size: 30 m x 1.2m x 0.2mm

S. S 304 Monofilament Wire Knitted and Crimped: for Single Piece Pad Filter Material

9030 Knit Wire Netting
MOC SS304 Wire 0.274 mm Knit Mesh for Breathers Filtration Material in Auto Filter System


Material: SS304
Wire Type Monofilament wire (0.274 mm) duly knitted and crimped
Knit Type 9030
Voidage % 98.2
Wire Guage 32
Netting Size 1.2m X 30 m

This monofilament wire 304 mesh is demister material. Suitable for making of demister pads of following sizes:

Demister Size and weight: 2'x4'x100mm thickness
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Bulk Density: 144kg/m3
Demister pad will be made up of Monofilament wire (0.28mm dia) duly knitted and crimped
Demister form: Single piece pad
Pad will be suitably oversized to ensure a snug fit inside the wheel

AISI 304 Wire Mesh Continous Knitted, 6 Meshes for Circular Mist Eliminator Manufacture

Material : AISI 304 wire mesh
Type: Continuous knitted type, 6 meshes per linear inch
Wire Diameter:
SWG36 (wire dia 0.193mm);
SWG30 (Wire dia 0.315mm)
Packing: In bundles. 100mm width rolled into a cylinder of weight appx. 2.5 to 5kgs

Engineering Wire Mesh Knitted 309, Materials for Mesh Gasket and Sealings

Material: Stainless steel SS309
Wire Diameter: 0.20mm
Hole Dimension: Size hole mesh 6 / inch or 50 -60 hole mesh  per feet
Size: 30m x 1.2 m x 0.2mm

Standard Type Knitted mesh of 6-12 Stitches, Engine Breather Materials

Material: Stainless Steel AISI304, 316, 321, 430
Wire Dia.: 0.25mm -0.28mm
Stitches: Number of stitches horizontally and vertically on the length of 50 mm = 6-12 stitches.
Web netting width should be not less than 1000mm.

Inconel and SS Knitted Wire Mesh Fabrics for Steam Vapor Removing

Also supply:

201 202 304 304L 316L 321 410 430 stainless steel knitted wire mesh, Teflon Knitted Mesh, Monel Knitted Mesh Filter and Inconel Wire Mesh.

Knitted mesh is also used in manufacture of the following filter products:

Electronic system shielding;
Compressed tubes and tapes;
Compressed mesh blankets.

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