Why Hebei Drahtgeflecht Knitted Mesh Co.,Ltd?

For over ten years, we have been producing and exporting monofilament, multi-filament, co-knit and multi-strand knitted wire meshes, and series processed filter products. Our products are mainly used in Oil & Gas Industries; Drilling (Oil & Water well); Petrochemical & Process Industries; Shielding, Sealing of Auto Engine Exhaust System; Air Filters, Breathers and Separators; similar high temperature applications. The knitted mesh filter products work efficiently to remove the mists and liquid droplets entrained in thermal heating filtration system. Knitted wire mesh rolls are made of different materials including aluminum, copper, monel, Teflon, plastic, stainless steel, nickel and other alloys.

We supply knitted mesh into various forms and specifications, mainly knitted wire mesh rolls, tubes and tapes, blankets, pad demisters, mist eliminators, compressed gaskets, breathers, shieldings, washers, mufflers and other filter elements. Popular products for export are Vane Type Demister Pad of AISI 304 SS Knitted Wire Mesh.

Why Knitted Mesh for Thermal Filtration?

Advantage of knitted wire mesh is its unique construction. Knitting produces an interlocking-loop pattern. The final knitted mesh is in the structure of inter-connecting loops, and it similar to a long knit sock. In this configuration, each loop is an integral part of its neighbors with each supporting the other. When a mesh or mesh element is compressed, stretched or bent, and provided that exertion is not past the material's yield point, this integrity allows the element to spring back to its original form. Hence, it can work efficiently under high temperature work environment.

Our knit wire diameter is commonly range from 0.11mm to 0.35mm. But for special applications, knit wire as small as 0.03mm or as large as 0.8mm in diameter is available.

Metal wire meshes mainly serve the following industries: cleaning of the filter, plastic and die, mufflers, shock absorber mounts, soundproof generator pad, air conditioning humidifier pad, to capture the flame of the wireless signal shielding, sealing in harsh environments.

Industries Served:

Protection of Diesel fuel injections
Radio frequency interference shields
Shock absorbers (Cuhion steel), Vibrations mounts
Transfer of normally, exhausted waste heat
Mufflers of pneumatic tools.
Flame arrestors
Abrasive copper mesh for cleaning plastic extrusion screws, barrels, dies, moulds and machine parts. (Gauze cleaner)
Soundproofing mats for generators
Humidifier mats in air conditioning.

We Supply and Export to Worldwide Markets:

For USA market:
Stainless knitted wire mesh with 5mm hole with 400mm width roll:
SS type 302 or 304 knitted wire mesh 0.011" (28mm) in diameter
304 knitted stainless steel mesh 760 mm tube, 0.28 mm wire dia x 50 m roll.

Knitted mesh of Stainless steel wire(16GA)(1.5mm);
Knitted Wire Mesh Rolls of thickness of 0.012", material 309ss, in length 7500 cm and in width 65 cm; roll size can also be length 6500 cm and width 80 cm.

For United Arab Emirates:

0.2mm SS 316 wire, OD 9.5mm ID ~6.5mm, Knitted Wire Tube;

Stainless Steel wire mesh knitted 300/500 micron, of 0 .011" x 42";

Teflon knitted mesh filter material;

Stainless steel filtration knitted wire mesh 6" wide x 100ft rolls.

Knitted Wire Mesh we supply for Spain:

Mesh Material: Stainless AISI 304 / DIN 1.4301
Wire 0,28mm diameter, 120 +/- 5 mm width, mesh size: 7mm x 7mm with orrugated fish bones. 16mm x 10 mm.
Compressed tape form.

Mesh materials available in galvanized steel, brass stainless steel and aluminum. The wire cloth may also be used for architectural uses.

We also supply mesh ss 309 and knitted mesh inconel material, 316 ss knitted mesh for high temperature thermal safety uses, knitted mesh mist eliminators and various specifications to Poland, Greece, India, Thailand, Mexico, Australia, Turkey, Netherlands and etc.

Choose the Suitable Materials

Materials Applied for Knitted Mesh:
AISI302/304/ 304L /316/ 316L /321/mild steel/ Galvanized steel/brass/phosphor bronze/ fiber/PP/PC/PVC
Common Size:
Wire Dia.: 0.10mm -0.40mm (usual 0.25mm )
Wire shape: round wire/flat wire
Opening: from 2x 3mm to 12x 6mm
Strand : single or double or multiwire
Width of the flat sock: 10mm -720mm
Needle No.: 14-240needles

Different Materials Offering Different Properties.

Monel knitted wire mesh has good corrosion resistance in all extreme environments and it is reasonably conductive and is tough with high tensile strength, giving good wear characteristics.

Knitted wire mesh made of tinned copper clad steel has the best shielding performance of all wires used in knitted meshes, combining low contact resistance with a small degree of permeability. It is not suitable for highly abrasive applications where the TIN plating may wear away to expose the copper. The corrosion resistance of tinned copper clad steel knitted wire mesh is suitable for most applications.

Aluminum knitted wire mesh is mechanically weak and will readily take a compression set and this combined with its readiness to form a non-conducting oxide.

Stainless steel knitted mesh is often used as a protective final layer over the other knitted mesh gasket, materials on order to provide a wear-resistant contact surface.

Factors Influencing the Work Efficiency of Mesh Type Demister Pads

Wire diameter is an important factor in manufacturing materials because it will directly affects flow, dirt holding capacity, pressure drop and cost. Knitted wire mesh demister pad is used to separate in the most efficient manner the very fine enstrained drops carried away by a gas or steam, either at a boiling stage, vacuum evaporation or bubbling of a liquid. In fact there are two phenomena, one mechanical and one physical, but no filtration at all since the size of the held drops has no realtion with the infinitely greater size of the pore or open space. The head loss or gas passage resistance is practically imperceptible, however demisting can reach up to 99% efficiency. Speed of the gas or steam is another factor that conduct influence to the efficiency of the demisters: A demister reaches the highest efficiency when the speed of a gas or steam ranges between certain limits.

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