Wire Loop Knitted Mesh in Aluminum

We supply aluminum wire mesh woven in rolls. The fabrics of alum wire mesh are in single or double layer made of flat wire. The loop knitting aluminium mesh can be used for both architectural design and thermal engineering filter pad uses.

Aluminum Wire Mesh
Double Layer Aluminum Screen of 540 mm roll width, for Making of Demister Pad / Mist Eliminators


1. Aluminum Demister Pad Knitted Mesh
Thickness of Thread: 0.2 mm
Big loops around 5x5 mm
Small loops: 2x4 mm
Weight for single layer: 100 g/m2
Roll width: 540 mm, 600 mm

2. Aluminium Flat Wire Netting for Decoration and Filter Uses
Wire Form: Flat wire
Wire thickness: 0.12 mm
Wire width: 0.60 mm
Roll width: 600 mm


Major Applications

Aluminum Alloy Filter Elements with Rating of 99% used as air filter, liquid filter, solid filter in boilers, evaporators, vaccum towers, absorbers, lube towers;
Monel and Aluminium TCS Compressed Knitted Wire Mesh Tube for Hydraulic Oil or Water Treatment;
Aluminium knitted wire mesh for airbag filter;
Powder coated knitted woven mesh for decorative curtains.


Light weight;
Corrosion resistance;
Easy maintenance;