Knitted Wire Mesh Filter Elements


Wire Materials


Galvanized Flat Wire ( 0.22 mm galvanized flat wire for the manufacture of knitted mesh)
Stainless Steel Crimped Wire
Copper Wire, Pure copper or tinned copper wire


Knitted Meshes Varieties


316SS and 304 SS Knitted Wire Mesh:
Flat Wire,
Continuous Knitted Type.
SS304 or 302 knit Mesh Rolls with Crimped Wire. Monofilament wire (0.28mm dia) duly knitted and crimped popular for making of demister pad. SS 309 also available.
430 Stainless Steel Knitting Mesh Rolls
Teflon Knitted Mesh
Knitted Copper Mesh Netting
Aluminum Knitted Wire Mesh
Inconel Knitted Wire Mesh Fabric
Monel Mesh Rolls and Filter Blanket, Mattress and Belts

PTFE Monofilament Knitted Wire Mesh

Polyester Mesh

General Technical Information:
Knitted Mesh Structure, Common Specification and Materials,

Weight Lists of Different Materials

Knitted Mesh Processed Filter Products


Forms including Blankets, Demister Pads, Mist Eliminators, Compressed Gaskets, Tubes, Tapes, Breathers, Mufflers and Shieldings.

Mesh Blankets ( Demister Pad Blanket, Knitted Mesh Blanket)

Compressed Knitted Wire Mesh Gaskets: Knitted Wire Tube Axial Compressed: material: 304 Stainless steel knitted mesh; low-frequency magnetic shielding gaskets and seals.

Vane Type Mesh Demister Pad ( AISI304 and Stainless Steel 316 Demister Separator. Demister Filter Pads for Separator skid) . Popularly supplied in designed small sectional pad with grids. To fit customers needs, we supply Various types of pads: high efficiency, standard and shock absorption type.

Knitted Wire Mesh Tubing (Stainless SteelMesh Tube, Tapes, Tin Copper Wire Knitted Wire, Copper or white metal)

Non Metal Polypropylene Mesh Mist Eliminator (Polypropylene Mist Eliminator corrugated knitted wire mesh )

Metal Wire Mesh Screen (Stainless steel, brass, aluminum and other metals ) for Architectural Decoration: Knitted woven mesh, perforated mesh, chain link and expanded decorative mesh used as Curtains, Partitions, Facades.

Metal Mist Eliminator of Knitted Wire Mesh ( Baffled mist eliminator, vane type mist eliminator, chevron mist eliminator)

Knitted Wire Mesh Breathers

Where Our products Used:

Foam breaking filter, oil and gas filter;
Cooling towers, various thermal heating system, exhaust system;
Dust elimination filter in environment protection;
Filter element of car and tractor;
Electromagnetic wave filter;
EMI shielding and sealing;
Filter equipments.