Polyester Knitted Mesh Screen Rolls and Tapes

We supply polyester monofilament wire mesh for making of demisters and liquid gas filters. The synthetic fiber web as filter material has many advantages over stainless steel and various metal mesh knitted netting: Durable, washable and excellent corrosion resistance.

Specifications of Knitted Mesh Screen in Polyester

Material: 100% polyester
Processing: Knitted Screen -Heat set processed
Colour: Natural White
Content Polyster
Weight (oz/sq yard) 0.44 Max
Wales (holes)/inch 12.5+/-2
Mullen Diaphragm Burst (psi) 15
Thickness 0.007+/-0.001 INCH
Construction 220meshes/sq inch
Working Temperature Intermittant: - 2000 C to +1500 C
Melting temperature ; 2880 C(approx)
Thermal Conductivity : ≤ 0. 17 W/ m K or less
Specific heat : 2.3 x 103 J/kg K
Total Weight Loss : ≤1.0%
Collected Volatile Condensable Materials : ≤0.1%
Width : 4.5 feet
Shrinkage : ≤ 5%

Supplying Forms

Material can be supplied in the form of continuous knitted rolls of 10000 sq ft;
Polyester Mesh Tapes;
Compressed mesh tube;
Demister pad for vesseled towers.