430 Stainless Steel Knitted Mesh Filter Tubes and Demister Pads

Hebei Drahtgeflecht Knitted Mesh Co., Ltd exports knitted wire mesh of 430ss grade crimped wire. We supply knitted metal mesh filters for air-conditioning and air management, also in filter constuction for galley/kitchen hoods. Stainless steel 430 knit woven wire mesh is produced into various forms of square or circular mist eliminator pads. These demister filters are used for the retaining of moisture/steam and grease droplets.

Other mesh materials available for grease droplets eliminiting: Galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Mesh Netting has to be in rolls measuring 580 mm width or custom size.


Material Wire Diamater Holes in width Width Wire Treatment
Type 430ss 011" 200N 19.5" crimped, degreased.
Type 430ss 007" 240N 28" crimped, degreased
Type 430ss 011" 336N 43" crimped, degreased
Compressed 430 Mesh Tube Woven Mesh Screen for Moisture and Grease Droplets Removing

430 Stainless Steel Knit Mesh:
Wire crimped 011" x Hole width 200N x Roll Width 19.5"

430ss Wire Mesh
Crimped Wire 007" x Hole 240N x Roll Width 28"


Varieties we supply:

410 and 430 magnetic stainless steel knitted filter wire mesh used as main component of wire mesh demister and other separation engineering;
Weaving Net, Gas and Liquid Filter Net used as foam breaking net, or electromagnetic wave shielding net.