Wire Mesh Breathers for Engine and Automotive Oil Filtration System

We supply knitted woven wire mesh breather elements in sizes and shapes to meet custom orders. Stainless steel, brass and other metals are common metal materials applied for manufacture of the automotive filter components.

Materials: Stainless steel, brass or other metals.

Pressed Gasket Breathers
0.23 mm diameter ss knitted wire mesh compressed tape

Metal wire knitted mesh breathers are made from wire types chosen specifically for their resistance to hostile agents such as temperature extremes and corrosions. These compressed mesh elements can be tailored to meet a wide range of filtration or flow targets.

0.23mm diameter Engine SS Knitted Wire Mesh for Shielding and Filtration

Stainless steel 304 wire mesh filter element of looped flat wire structure


AISI302/304/ 304L /316/ 316L /321/mild steel/ Galvanized steel/brass/phosphor bronze/ fiber/PP/PC/PVC


Wire Dia.: 0.10mm -0.40mm (usual 0.25mm )

Wire shape: round wire/flat wire

Opening: from 2x 3mm to 12x 6mm

Strand : single or double or multiwire

Width of the flat sock: 10mm -720mm

Needle No.: 14-240needles

Types we supply:

Knitted polyester mesh for oil filler breathers
Knitted Mesh Engine Breather
Woven Type: single wire, double wire, multi wire strand weave.