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Vane Type Demister Pad

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Hebei Drahtgeflecht Knitted Mesh Co.,Ltd

We produce and export knitted wire mesh and processed filter products. Our products are mainly used in Oil & Gas Industries; Air Liquid Filter; Petrochemical & Process Industries; Shielding, Sealing of Auto Engine Exhaust System; Air Filters, Breathers and Separators; similar high temperature applications. Knitted wire mesh rolls are made of different materials including aluminum, copper, monel, Teflon, plastic, stainless steel, nickel and other alloys.

We supply knitted mesh into various forms: knitted wire mesh rolls, tubes and tapes, mseh blankets, pad demisters, mist eliminators, compressed gaskets, breathers, shieldings, washers, wire gauze filter element, mufflers and other filter elements. Popular products for export are Demister Pad of AISI 304 SS Knitted Wire Mesh for processing towers, Shield wrapping knitted wire mesh tube and ribbons, insulation jacketing, double-layered strip knitted mesh tape, compressed mesh blankets and etc.

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